Monday, December 15, 2008

Buenos Dias!

Having started yesterday morning with ham sandwiches at 39,000 feet on an airplane at 4am, it was perhaps the longest day...ever.

But an awesome one! we wandered around Punta Arenas for the afternoon, checking out the main square and touching the statue of Magellan´s big toe for good luck! Then we headed uphill to this amazing view where we could see the whole town and across the Magellan strait. This town reminds me so much of Bellingham- brightly colored houses, rhododendrons, calendula flowers everywhere.

One huge suprise was the discovery of a local beer which, despite hesitation, was delicious! Having spent past trips to central and south america drinking cervesa which was cold but with no flavor, the´'Calafate' beer was amazing.

Dinner was a hit despite us not really understanding much of what the waitresses said. We would just stare and smile, desparatly trying to pick up every 6th word said to gain some sort of understanding of what was required! My bumbling exhausted moment was not understanding that the La Luna salad and The Moon salad were the same thing. Katie said ¨The La luna sald sure does look good¨to which I replied ¨so does the moon salad¨....ah the joy of being completely clueless....

We´re off to a local park today after running some errands. We are being safe and having a blast! We love you all!


Katherine S. Crawford said...

Wahoo! Go BIG, gals!

Sarah Strauss said...

That's awesome that your in Punta Arenas! I spent lots of time there coming and going from Antarctica. If you're lucky and go down to the pier (the one with all of the yellow buildings), you might see the Laurance M Gould - the ship that takes us down there.

Have an great time!!!

-Sarah :)

jack said...