Tuesday, December 16, 2008


130000 PENGUINS!!!!!!

This is a photo taken by Liddell, they were so close to us!

Yes oh yes, it was the afternoon of penguins! A two hour boat ride aboard a vessle built in Dade County FL of all places, brought us to the Isla de Magdalena to the Renguin refuge. They were EVERYWHERE!!! It was absolutely amazing. Liddell, Katie and I said hello to every one that we could, and did our best penguin dance ever when we weren´t bracing in the crazy wind. And for all of those who know how we love mac and cheese, you can rest easy in the fact that we brought a bunch of boxes down here and yes, we loved us some annies mac and cheese for dinner!

We also spent today figuring out the rest of our week. For the next two days (aka no blog posting) we´ll be going to Pali Aike National Park. If you want to play long at home here´s a decent website: http://www.turismopaliaike.com/paliaike.htm

THEN we are headed to the end of the southern continent to a place called hostel San Isidro..playing along? http:www.whalesound.com

No- we are not doing the crazy 4 days whale watching tour, but we are staying in the inn for a night, trekking, zipping around in zodiaks and doing a bit of kayaking. It looks incredible and I can´t believe we´re lucky enough to get out there!

Hope all are doing well, again- we´ll be offline for two days. You´ll here from us late thursday evening!


catsmom said...

Anxious to see pictures of the penguins - one of my favorite birds!!
thanks for the posts - it's almost like being there with you!

Lisa said...

Cute cute pics! Can you also bring a penguin home along with an alpaca? Thanks!

Jack said...