Saturday, December 27, 2008

Guess What!!
We're off the backpack....
But wait...why would we finish 2 days early...I can't figure out how to type a question mark by the way...
Well, we had no hope for anything but rain or sleet and high winds and saw a way to GET OUT on the fourth day, so we did.
Not to say that the backpack wasn't was absolutly amazing! We had sun on the first day, experienced winds over 100 miles per hour where you were not in control of your facial expressions much less your ability to walk, and toughed it through a 20 mile day where it absolutly poured rain the entire time. We met incredible people, lost the skin on our feet and acquired over 20 blisters between the 4 of us. We saw incredible glaciers, parrots and condors, were snowed on and enjoyed the beauty of a peanut butter and dulce de leche sandwich.
We found a great campsite for christmas complete with cooking shelter and minimart that sold cookies and cholocate...making it a sugar filled hysterical christmas night.
The next morning, with no prospects for sun or warm weather, we made the decision that 3 more days of miserable backpacking did not equal vacation, and so we caught a boat out and headed back to Puerto Natales....
And it's awesome. We're drinking coke, drying gear and playing with the most adorable kitten in the world named Tito who enjoys climbing my pant legs so that he can play with my hair. The right decision was made!
We'll be here until we head out sea kayaking on Katie's birthday, the 29th...which'll end the night before we fly out, so I promise to try and post the evening of the 31st.
Know that you were all in our hearts for christmas day. We were graced with a few hours of sun and felt as though we had been giving a wonderful christmas gift.
We hope you all are warm and surrounded by family and friends this holiday season! And I believe this is the last night of Hanukkah, I hope the last eight days have been wonderful and full of fun and bliss!
Be well!!!

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Lisa said...

Glad you know you're safe - would love to see pictures of your faces at 100 mph!!